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hands holding fruitOur long-term experience in a wide variety of cases tells us the first thing we must determine is whether or not you are a Advanced Clinical Nutrition Case. If someone is NOT a Advanced Clinical Nutrition Case then it is unlikely the Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program will ever help you. However, if you are a Advanced Clinical Nutrition Case, then, in our experience, it is our belief that nothing will help you as much.

Based on our review of your complaints, history and Advanced Clinical Nutrition analysis findings, if we feel that you are a good candidate for a nutritional program the following is what you might expect.

Our history of results in a broad variety of cases is excellent providing only that the client does two things:·

  • Follows through on our recommendations as closely as possible
  • Stays with the program long enough to achieve maximum correction of the underlying causes of your problems

Analysis of your Heart Rate

Variability readings will guide our clinical analysis of conditions that might be the result of nutritional deficiencies/imbalances affecting not only your cardio-vascular and muscular systems, but your overall physiological balance, an important factor in building and restoring good health. As part of your program we will be monitoring this aspect with additional graphs periodically, to help us maximize your progress.

Your body fat analysis will be taken. This will give us an indication of your estimated body fat percentage. Healthy level for adult MEN/WOMEN is no more than 24-28%/28-30%. As part of your advanced nutrition program, we will be helping you design dietary and lifestyle guidelines to assist you to re-program your body’s metabolism from fat storage to fat burning.


Once you start on your initial advanced nutritional supplement program, it generally takes separate office sessions to completely fine tune your basic personal nutritional program. These visits are completed in consecutive weekly intervals until no new active reflexes are found. During this time we will also be reviewing your diet log and offering you guidance in regard to any essential improvements to maximize your gains.

If you are currently taking any vitamins, minerals or other nutritional supplements on a regular basis, please continue to do so. During this initial “fine tuning” period, we will evaluate these and other supplements in relation to your current condition to help you determine which ones are helping or hindering you in your quest for better health.

During the initial fine tuning / healing and observation phases of your program we will be offering periodic educational workshops to share additional knowledge with you on how to maximize the results of your advanced clinical nutrition program even more. This is so important that we recommend that each new client attend at least one of these workshops as soon as possible after you start your program.


After your initial fine tuning period is completed, meaning that your nutritional program is stabilized, you will be ready to start on your next step, the healing and observation period. This part of your healing cycle normally does not require continuing weekly visits. Most people find that optimum progress can be obtained by having a regular schedule of check-ups every other week.

During the healing and observation period, we will be doing several things.·

  • Monitoring all reflexes to insure that your body is responding appropriately to your program. This will allow us to adjust your program as may be needed as you move through this period of time to ensure maximum potential gain for you. This may or may not include changes in doses, and/or adding or deleting any particular supplement or recommendation when and if the need arises based on what shows up during this healing and observation period.
  • Occasionally during this period additional layers may show up, and further recommendations may be made which might include additional procedures which can be done at our offices such as Cold Laser and/or appropriate referrals to other allied health professionals.
  • At the end of this observation period we will re-evaluate your progress in order to determine your actual rate of recovery and what additional recommendations might be needed in order for you to obtain and or maintain maximal health improvement.


Once you have achieved a more optimum health level, naturally you will want to stay well. That is most easily accomplished through regularly spaced Advanced Clinical Nutrition evaluations periodically over the next year and beyond. Frequency is determined on an individual basis, anywhere from monthly, to quarterly, to semi-annually, or even annually. Each individual is different.

Most maintenance programs require lesser amounts of nutritional supplements than were needed in the earlier phases of your program. Getting onto a maintenance program will assist us to continue to assist your body to maintain the health improvements you have experienced to this point.

Initial maintenance programs generally begin with a series of monthly visits that are appropriate for your bodies needs. Our experience is that a health maintenance program, designed specifically to meet your needs, and updated regularly, is the most effective way to protect and expand your health as time goes on, rather than allowing your condition to return to its former reduced health condition, which brought you to us in the first place. We are sure you can see the wisdom in this. Good health is the best insurance there is.

During this time you might want to look at other health issues which have not already been handled, including hair, nails, skin, bones, weight, blood sugar or cholesterol levels, and any other long term health challenges.

Whole food supplements like the “Balanced Five” are often the foundation of our recommended maintenance plans. These nutritional supplements are designed for all body maintenance and are made from only the best quality raw materials.

These may include:

  • Catalyn: The ultimate multi-vitamin product that puts youthful energy back into all of your tissues.
  • Cardio-Plus: Protects and strengthens heart and cardiovascular function.
  • Chlorophyll Complex: You’ll look younger and feel more energetic with this super longevity product.
  • Min-Tran: Combat stress with a perfectly balanced mineral complex.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: A must for all nutrition programs.

Give our Flower Mound chiropractic office a call, or email us here and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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